Walla Walla,Washington


I'm doing my report on Walla Walla, Washington. The name Walla Walla means "many waters"or "small rapid streams". This name came from the Indians.

Walla Walla has a very long history. The Indians were the first to live there. They came there hundreds of years ago. Fur traders came in the early 1800's. Lewis and Clark came in 1805 and again in 1806. The Whitmans came in 1836. A gold rush hit the area in 1860, and Walla Walla became the largest city in Washington territory. The city of Walla Walla was incorporated in 1862.

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Whitman Mission

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To me, Walla Walla sounds like a very interesting city. I've learned a lot about it and am glad I chose this city to do my report on. It is neat that they set up a memorial site for the Whitmans who died after working many years with the Indians. If I moved there, I would like to own a horse.

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